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There are a bumber of companies that offer natural pest control products online. RSPB and the Royal Horticultural Society also offer advice on chemical free pest control methods. Techniques for biological control include the use of natural enemies to control pests, such as mites or parasitic wasps, or nematodes that infect the pest with a fatal bacterial disease.

Some of the suppliers below will also produce barriers and other systems to protect against entry by larger animals.

It is worth remebering that when it comes to diseases, prevention is the best method -for example by rotating your fruits and vegetables.

  • Buzz Organics - based in Yorkshire, supply biological pest controls to hobby and allotment gardeners -produce a useful range of data sheets on pest control.
  • Defenders -a leading supplier of biological controls for the green gardener, based in Kent.Their products rely on natural enemies to pests such as aphids, mealybugs, whitefly, sciarid fly and slugs.
  • Gardening Naturally -pesticide free pest control for the home and garden -they offer a range of non poisonous and effective treatments for many pest problems. Based in Cirencester, Gloucs.
  • Green Bs -natural pest control and gardening supplies dealing with aquatic problems, insects and spides, slugs and snails, wild and domestic animals,
  • Green Gardener -Suffolk based supplier of natural organic pest control products online including slugs, aphids, ants, leatherjackets, whitefly etc as well as pots barriers and animal repellants.
  • Pesticide Action Network information about the toxic effects of many chemicals in the home from the charity that works nationally and internationally.

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