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Developed in modern times in the USA in the 1930's, Hydroponics is growing plants in controlled nutrient rich solutions without soil. However the history goes back much further, with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon being cited as an early example. The Aztecs too, used hydroponics to grow crops on floating rafts, Chinampas.

Modern setups start simply, but can be very sophisticated, with banks of lights, irrigation pumps and feeding systems. Find out more from:

  • Achiltibuie Garden -the hydroponicum at the Coigach Peninsula in Ross-shire is a great place to see techniques in action and buy equipment, as well as being a stunning place to visit.
  • Aquaponic Community -community of aquaponic gardeners with forum, blog, events and much more -a US site but of wider interest.

Suppliers of hydroponics equipment

  • Aquaculture -leading hydroponics supplier -based in Sheffield.
  • Basement Lighting -specialist eco and envirolites grow lighting and propogation lighting for hydroponics online or drom their warehouse in Newark, Nottinghamshire.
  • Green Spirit -specialised hydroponics shop in Sheffield.
  • Growell -hydroponics lights and growing systems, with bases in london and the Midlands.
  • Hydro Hobby -another leading supplier, have trading since 2002 from Brook Farm near Coventry, West Midlands.
  • Oasis Hydro -Birmingham based specialist seller of hydroponics and indoor gardening equipment -inlcuding systems, lights, ventilation, media and nutrients from Advanced Nutrients, Canna, Nutriculture and Secret Jardin
  • Progrow Hydroponics -grow lights, tents, nutrients and hydroponic equipment from their outlet in Exeter, Devon. Some useful background information and support forum too.
  • Vitalink -supplier of nutrients, additives and growth enhancers. Site contains dosage guides and growing schedules in pdf format.

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