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  • ASK Organic -Scotland's leading experts on organic gardening, show how to grow your own fruit and veg organically, prevent, control garden pests organically and attract wildlife to the garden.
  • Friends of the Earth -the UK's leading environmental campaign group.
  • GardenOrganic -national charity for organic gardening, established for 50 years -began life as the Henry Doubleday Research Association, Europe's largest organic membership organisation. It is dedicated to researching and promoting organic gardening, farming and food.
  • Good Gardeners Association -a charity which aims to teach members how to grow vegtables naturally without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides.
  • Green Garden -natural organic gardening for beginners with DIY tips on creating a sustainable garden environment.
  • Greenpeace -worldwide campaigning organisation that aims bring about change through political lobbying, citizen action and consumer pressure.
  • Irish Peatland Conservation Council -find out more about the effects of using peat in gardening.
  • Organic UK -independant advice and support for UK organic farmers.
  • Plants For A Future -resource centre for rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses.
  • Soil Association - the UK's leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming.
  • The Natural Gardener -gardening according to nature's natural cycle - peat free compost, seaweed granules, biodegradable pots, plugs, natural pest and weed controls.

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The HDRA Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening: The Complete Guide to Natural and Chemical-free Gardening
The Henry Doubleday Research Association
Hardcover - 416 pages (27 September, 2001)
Dorling Kindersley
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