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Barbecues from Crocus

Barbecues, chimeneas, fire baskets and pits

  • Adobe Chimeneas -terracotta pottery from Mexico.
  • Barbecue Island Company -island dining arrangements for entertaining your friends in serious style -don't really bother with this unless you already have a porsche on the drive!
  • Barbecue Warehouse -supplies a range of domestic and commercial barbecues and appliances including charcoal and gas barbecue grills and smokers, electric and gas patio heaters.
  • Cinders -manufacture and supply commercial foodservice gas barbecues, rotisseries and hog roasts.
  • Dine Alfresco -suppliers and builders of traditional Italian pizzeria gazebos.
  • Dorset Charcoal Company -sustainable charcoal from coppiced forest in Dorset -saves using charcoal from tropical rainforests.
  • Flaming barbecues -online sales of barbecues, grills and patio heaters.
  • Gas & Hire -gas barbecue shop offering the ability to purchase online or from their showrooms in Sheffield and Chesterfield.
  • Spanish Barbecue Company -supply and install a range of hand built terracotta brick barbeques from Portugal (beats us why they are not called the Portuguese Barbecue Company!)
  • St Lucia Coalpot -clay BBQ'S and Cookpots, hand made from the clay soil found in the shadow of the Piton Mountains, on the beautiful Caribbean Island of St Lucia -fantastic for grilling, baking, steaming, stewing and roasting, where the gentle cooking produces moist and succulent food.
  • The Barbecue House Company -manufacture Kotas -small garden houses made from Estonian Redwood, with a central barbecue for entertaining.

rawgarden - garden furniture

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rawgarden - garden furniture

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